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Bachelor of fine Arts (B.F.A), University of Alexandria.
Diploma, Higher Institute of Arts Criticism, 1982.
Master of Arts (M.A) (plastic Arts) on Clacissim Between old and modern art. 1985.
Doctorate (PH.D.) of philosophy (Arts), on "Role of Imagination in Creativity in Contemporary plastic art", Academy of arts, 1990.
Profession: professor at the Higher Institute for artistic criticism, Academy of arts.
Teaching at the faculty of fine arts, Zamalek, First Academic Term, 1995.
Teaching at the conservatoire, Higher studies, Academy of arts.
Delivering lectures at the Higher Ballet institute for post graduate studies.
teaching at the Higher institute of art Criticism.
Exhibition at Etienne de causans Gallery, Rue "La Seine", Paris, 1990.
Exhibition at the Egyptian Cultural Center, Paris, 1991.
Collective Exhibition at the Egyptian Cultural Center Paris, 1991.
Exhibition at the Near East Students Reception Center, Paris, 1991.
Exhibition at the Arab Leauge Mission Premises, Paris, 1991.
Exhibition at Mubarak Public Library, Giza, Egypt, 1996.
Exhibition at El-Hanager art Center, Cairo, 1998. 2004-2006.
Exhibition of "Good Morning Egypt's Artists", at the Hall of Opera House, Cairo, 1998.
Exhibition at the Gallery of "Etienne de Causan", Paris, 1999.
Two-Artist-Exhibition at the Egyptian Cultural Center, Paris, 1999.
Collective exhibition with Art Guild at Ewart Hall in the American university of Cairo.
Collective exhibition "Nand Arts" at picasso Gallery in Cairo".
Callective exhibition at shell Social club, marking the occasion of renovanting, shell site for Arts and Egyptian artists on the internet.
Collective exhibition at Eshragua Gallery in Alexandria, 2004.
exhibition at Emeralcl Gallery in Cairo, 2006.;
Book titled "Nihad Bahgat and Inanimate Objects'Whispering", Ed Dar Alif for Publication, October 1997.
Extracts from "Nihad Bahgat and Inanimate Objects' whispering", were puplished in the book titled "Egypt: One Hundred Year-Cinema", 1996.
Book titled OSplendor & Charm in Desert Cities", ED. Dar El-Nahdha El-Arabia, 1998.
Mahmud Mukhtar and the whisper of stone.
published by Dar al- Nahda Al. Arabeya.
yusuf Tabozada between shades and light.
The splendid and the Beautiful in the sea and the Nile.
Mohmud said between Materialism and spirituality.
The Mosques ... Cities of Monotheism.
Bewildered Butterflies and Horbours of love.
Zakarya el.Khanani ... Glass and Light.
Religious Architecture in Europe.
Research on the Artist Mahmoud Said, submitted to the Artistic Education Faculty, Zamalek, Helwan University, "The Fifth Scientific Conference" titled "Art & Environment", 1994.
Research title: "Environment Impact on Artistic Modeling & Artist Mahmoud Said Works", which was published in the conference book, titled "The second pivot".
Study on the French Civilization through Theatre, Music and Literature, Sorbone University, 1991.
Study on "Jewelry Designing". Paris ADAC GALERIE ATELIER 1991.
Study on "Ikebana-Japanese Art of Flowers Assorting". ADAC GALERIE ATELIER 1991.
Study Course of "Portrait art in the Twentyth Century", Louvre School, Paris, 1991.
Study on "History of Egyptian Civilization", Faculty of Archeology, Cairo University, 1992.
Study on "Ikebana- Japanese Art of Flowers Assorting", Cairo university, 1994-1995.
Study on jewelry & Trinketery Designing, Artistic Education Faculty, Zamalek, Cairo, 1992. Then, a follow-up at a workshop in Khan El-Khalili, Cairo.
Study on Art of Printing, Artistic Education Faculty, Zamalek Cairo, 1992.
Study on Tattooing Art, Cairo.
Exhibitions of photography art, 1989-1993. 2004-2005-2006.
Discussion of my book "Splendor and Beauty in Desert Cities" at the Society of Fine Arts Fans, in Cairo.
participation in a symposium held by the opera House marking the 110 anniversary of the birth of sculptor Mohmud Mukhtar.
Delivering a lecture on my book "Mohmud Muktar and the whisper of stone" at the society of fine arts fans.
Delivering a lecture on the Egyptian modern art at the Diplomats institute of the foreign Ministry in Cairo.
Supervising Theses for master and philosophy doctorate degrees.
Member of the panel discussing theses and awading master and philosophy doctorate degrees.
Egyptian Embassy, Paris.
Egyptian Cultural Office, Paris.
El-Ahram Newspaper, Paris.
Arab League Mission premises, Paris.
Permanent Ikenobo center for Ikebana Art, Kyoto, Japan.
Moroccan Embassy, Cairo, Egypt.
Mubarak puplic library, Giza Egypt.
Embassy of Lebanon, Cairo.
Special acquisitions at notables living in Cairo, France, and Japan.
north Africa 1997-1978.
Spain 1978.
Germany and Switzerland, 1980.
Hungary and Austria, 1982.
Italy, 1948: with the syndicate of plastic Art Artists to see the Venice Biennial, and most of the artistic works that I had studied when preparing my Masster Degree, which was submitted to the Higher institute for Artsistic Criticism, Academy of Arts.
France, 1984; to see the artistic works that I had studied when preparing my Master Degree, which was submitted to the higher institute for artistic criticism, Academy of Arts.
Turkey, 1986. 2003
France, 1990- 1991.
France, 1999.
Artistic Tours to many Countries all over the world.
Visit to the most important historic Egyptian Islamic and Coptic sites with the professors of Cairo University, from Aswan to Rosette, 1992.
Oases of Dakhla and kharga, 1993.
Siwa oasis, 1998.
Co-supevision on the Doctorate Theses titled "plastic Criticism", in the weekly supplement of El-Ahram Newspaper, Study on Artistic Page Content Analysis during the year 1961-1967".
Co-supervision on the Doctorate theses titled "Egyptian Character in Modern Painting through Nagui, Ragheb Ayyad and Mahmoud Said.
Scientific mission in France, Paris University, for six months 1999.
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